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Curriculum Vitae
Work experience
since 10/07 Reporting, Controlling and Business Development for APAC Fund Solutions Team of Credit Suisse Singapore
06/06 - 10/07
Controller and Data Manager for Fund Lab of Credit Suisse Zurich
05/05 - 09/07
MBA studies at ETH Zurich
06/00 - 05/05 Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) - Institute of Terrestrial Ecology (ITOe) in Zuerich/Switzerland. Research work on PhD thesis about heavy metal phase transformation in soils. Developing of a new in-situ method to analyze the dissolution and transformation behavior of oxidic and sulfidic heavy metal phases in anthropogenic contaminated soils. Method includes special analytical devices such as SEM-EDX; RAMAN-Spectroscopy; ICP-AES µXRF; XRF and XRD.
Presenting of the project work on several international scientific conferences (ACS Conference, Gordon Conference, Goldschmidt Conference, ICOBTE).
11/99 - 05/00 Chilean research center for mining and metallurgy (CIMM) in Santiago. Scientific collaborator for building up a new environmental/ecotoxicological cleanroom laboratory (class 100 and 1.000). Responsible for the trace element analysis with ICP-MS and Zeeman ET-AAS technique.
11/98 - 11/99 Regular occupation at the Chilean research center for mining and metallurgy (CIMM) in Santiago/Chile.
Responsible for the proyect:"Effects of the copper content in soils on the copper content in selected vegetal tissues" - CORFO and ICA project.
Supervisor of the clean room laboratory for trace element determination (class 10.000).
Supervisor of the analytical equipment, especially atomic absorption (Flame and Graphite Furnace) and Ion Chromatography.
Analytical work according to US-EPA and ISO regulations (QA/QC).
1996 and 1997 Teacher in several computer courses:"How to use the internet" and "Practical work with WindowsNT" at University of Goettingen.
3/96 - 8/97 Teaching assistant for the course:"chemical-analytical geology" at University of Goettingen.
7/94 - 2/97 Teaching assistant for the course:"X-ray powder diffraction on the Philips PW 1800 system" at University of Goettingen.
2/96 - 9/97 Supervisor of the ICP-AES analytical device, including the chemical pretreatment of samples at University of Goettingen.
7/94 - 7/97 Supervisor of the X-ray-diffraction system, including the computer aided analysis at University of Goettingen
since 11/93 Regular occupation at R.-U. Woode engineering consult Hannover.
Field- and laboratory work. Cooperation at highway construction assessment studies .
4/92 - 10/97 Geology at University of Goettingen with mayor emphasis in chemical-analytical geology, engineering geology, ore deposits, and soil sciences.
Master thesis written on an aspect of environmental geochemistry (slack particles of old mining areas and their influence of heavy metals in aquatic systems in the Harz mountains); Field mapping (engineering geology for a new highway at Goettingen area).
4/90 - 3/92 Undergraduate studies in chemistry at University of Kassel/Germany.
Change studying focus to geology.
4/89 - 4/90 Undergraduate studies in chemistry at University of Goettingen/Germany
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